The management of NEXTCONS recognizes the risks that may threaten the smooth operation of its activities and has all the necessary resources to implement a Business Continuity Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 22301:2019, in order to:

– Ensure the Business Continuity of key activities in the event of an incident that leads to unavailability or inability to access the company’s facilities.

– Be able to return to acceptable levels of operation in the shortest possible time.

– Minimize the effects that interruption incidents may cause on the company’s credibility and reputation towards its clients.

The company’s emergency strategies protect personnel safety and the company’s reputation, combined with continuous and reliable service delivery to stakeholders, while maintaining contractual and legal compliance with regulations.

The implementation of the Business Continuity Management System, through adherence to the policy, procedures and relevant Business Continuity plans, has the following objectives:

  • Safeguarding the health and safety of its staff and clients
  • Safeguarding the corporate image and reputation
  • Protection of activities that generate value
  • Ensuring the company’s ability to continuously provide its Services
  • Establishment of systematic methods for planning and evaluating the Business Continuity requirements of the company
  • Establishment of specific recovery strategies and the drafting of applicable plans for dealing with Business Continuity incidents

The above objectives are achieved with the Risk Analysis, the purpose of which is to identify and evaluate the main operational risks for the Business Continuity of the company, as well as to manage them based on relevant Strategies that include:

  • Rigorous implementation of Emergency and Recovery Plans that will ensure the satisfaction of the defined expectations of the interested parties and implementation of corresponding pilot programs evaluated by the management.
  • Documentation of Strategy and Business Continuity Plans policies, through which staff will be well-trained to deal with critical disruption incidents.
  • Implementation of appropriate preventive measures and inspections to avoid Non-Conformities and stakeholder dissatisfaction, and establishing appropriate performance indicators.
  • Continuous review of the level of Business Continuity against stakeholder expectations in order to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Universal compliance of our operation with the National and European Legislation regarding our Business Continuity.

The Business Continuity System (BCS) includes the company’s key facilities, equipment, systems, processes and employees necessary to continue business during a business interruption. Every important aspect of NEXTCONS is defined in the plans with the objective of recovering its critical processes with the least possible disruption, as soon as possible, depending on the nature of the activity disruption. As a minimum requirement, NEXTCONS T&C will be subject to regular review and updating.

Senior management is committed to compliance with applicable requirements and to continuous improvement of the adequacy, appropriateness and effectiveness of the Business Continuity Management System. The administration is committed to implementing the Business Continuity policy set out in this statement, as well as to allocating all necessary resources to ensure that its policy is understood and implemented by all.