Dedicated team of industry experts committed to driving transformative change for our clients.

A Global Consulting Company

At our consulting firm, we are a dedicated team of industry experts committed to driving transformative change for our clients. With a wealth of experience across various sectors, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization we serve.

Our collaborative approach fosters strong partnerships, allowing us to delve deep into the intricacies of our clients’ challenges and devise strategic, sustainable solutions. Rooted in integrity and driven by excellence, we strive to exceed expectations, empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Through our unwavering dedication and passion for problem-solving, we stand as trusted advisors, guiding our clients towards success.


Polina Ntaskari is a graduate of the Chemical Engineering Department of The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Patras and holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical and Biochemical Technologies from the Chemistry Department of the University of Ioannina.

She has multiannual experience in organizing and conducting Tender Procedures. She was a Supervising Engineer and Researcher in waste management projects and the Administrator of Quality Assurance Systems, Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

She works at Nextcons S.A., member of NextCom Group of companies, as a Consultanting Leader and she is the one who spearheads our consultancy division, orchestrating our team of experts to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients ensuring their needs are met and exceeded. Her leadership is instrumental in shaping our consultancy’s direction, driving success, and maintaining our reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry.


Anastasios Marios Kitsaras entered the business world very early, beginning his professional activity at the age of just 16.

He is a graduate of Harvard University, IMD, Nyenrode Business University, etc. He has received great stimuli and deep knowledge in the Business sector, Management and Finance, even visiting the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during this period.

He is a Founding Member and manages NextCom for the last 30 years, continuously expanding the company’s activities in a wide portfolio of tasks related to Business Administration in non-connected industries.

With the creativity, industriousness, insight and acumen that distinguish him, he constantly reinforces the development and evolution of the company, making it today a Group that has a lot to offer to the business world of the country.


Dimitrios Nasis is a graduate of the Athens Law School and has continued his studies at the University of South New Hampshire, USA where he completed his MBA in Business Administration.

Today, Dimitris Nasis is a Supreme Court lawyer, he runs the “Dimitrios Nasis and Associates” law office, continuously practicing trial advocacy through his long experience and specialized legal knowledge.


Maria Kampa is a graduate of the Civil Engineering Department of The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Patras and holds two Master’s Degree one in Business Administration  and the other in Management and Economics of ICT systems and Telecommunication networks.

She is an experienced Technical Advisor and Project Manager, having undertaken and delivered successfully and on schedule multiple projects while providing guidance on complex technical issues, evaluating technological solutions, and making recommendations aligned with business objectives.